About Us

The Association in its present form can trace its history back to an incorporated Association formed in 1867 called the Association of House Factors and Property Agents. At that time House Factors managed residential properties for the landlord owners of many tenement buildings throughout Scotland but particularly in the industrial areas such as the City of Glasgow and towns such as Paisley, Greenock and Dundee.

The Association was incorporated as The Property Owners and Factors Association Glasgow Limited in 1917 who then amalgamated with the local associations in Greenock, Paisley and Dundee and became Property Managers Association Scotland Limited (PMAS) in January 1991.

PMAS is a company limited by guarantee with three classes of membership; Life Members, Ordinary Members and Property Manager Members. Life and Ordinary members are individuals and comprise Partners, Directors, Associates and Principals in Property Manager firms. Property Manager Members comprise Property Management firms throughout Scotland.

The Association has a class of Honorary Membership which is conferred upon former Ordinary Members who have served the Association with distinction.