Insurance Services

Property Factors arrange insurance contracts as required under a homeowners Title Deeds of Condition, covering contingencies such as buildings, contents, terrorism, engineering and liability. The key benefit of having a common buildings policy is the reassurance for all homeowners that the whole property is insured at all times, notwithstanding changes in Ownership. The Factor will ensure that the premium is paid to the relevant broker or insurer and collect the homeowner's share of the premium through their common charge account.

The Factor will assist their clients in the claims handling process and, where required, help co-ordinate any insured common repairworks either directly, or through loss adjusters appointed by the Insurer.  

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the financial services industry. All Member Firms who transact insurance business are required to be registered with the FCA. You can search the FCA register for your Firms registration here.