IRPM Scottish Property Factoring Qualification

PMAS has partnered with the Institute of Residential Property Factors (IRPM) to develop training specific to Scottish property management.

This Professional Diploma of Property Factoring is designed to provide property managers with a qualification that is valuable to individuals and firms alike, and importantly grows and retains the talent pool of qualified professional property factors while creating a clear career pathway for those entering the sector.

It is our chosen training and accreditation option for PMAS members, and we would recommend for all member firms to put as many of their staff through this training as possible. You can find out more at the link below:

IRPM Scottish Property Factoring Seminar

We had the pleasure of jointly hosting an online Seminar with the IRPM in February 2022 which covered this qualification as well as other issues pertinent to the Scottish property management industry. 

You can view a section of the seminar below for some more details on the qualification.

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